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Everyone remembers The Wizard of Oz - sat as riveted as stone statues, we would watch Dorothy, Toto and their friends make their way across the wonder-filled, colourful (for the first time ever) world of Oz and meet many of its inhabitants. We cringed at the Wicked Witch of the East, watched as the monkeys soared through the skies, and gasped as the curtain was finally pulled back on the Wizard himself. It's influenced the way entertainment has been brought to us - in colour. If you're ever at a casino, the cinema, or even a bus stop, take a look around you. Sweeping metal architecture, bold colours and smiling faces - the products of a world The Wizard of Oz reproduced so well.

However, for many, the flying monkeys were a mainstay of the Oz universe, their winged forms flitting from the window of the Wicked Witch of the West in an attempt to steal and harness the power of Dorothy's red slippers. We all clicked our heels like mad when we saw them head off in pursuit, and they've appeared in many pop culture references since as an iconic image of the classic evil minion, from animated comedy to live-action sequences. Enjoy the images - "Fly, my pretties! Fly!" Flying around causing mischief for the Wicked Witch!
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monkeys1 munchkins2 munchkins3 munchkins4

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